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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


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Hey dudes :3 Celebrate teacher's day today 
Our class in charge of the cooking games 
Get the purple ballon today :P so happy
Made my day weheee :D
After that went to joey's class because my class no people lol
People were busy about the 茶会 my class don't have 
It's okay went over their class to eat :P
and thanks to jialing's rice so yummy xD
Chit-chat at there and watch running man in their class
so funny xP
Busy with the banana game these day :P
So cuteeeee right :D 

Really feel so upset and disapointed with the result and people.
I just wish everything goes well.
I had try my best? Maybe not enough?
I know i'm tired with it.
But still have to goes on :D

这个世界很热闹 热闹到我向逃


Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be happy.

Ohya finally exam over. Tehee
Watched man of steel with them @mv that day.
Great movie. I like the superman xD
Oh well,it's weird to wear "couple shirt" with 7 of stranger xD

Bad news or happy news first?
I prefer the bad come first.
Okay my maths drop 12 marks.
Ohno i don't know what the hell am i doing?!
The happy one was I score 100% on my sejarah paper 3.
But it seems quite normal lol.

Haze is getting more serious. :/
You know what will happen on me if u know well
No need to mention about it. Just a small case :)
Drink more water everyone ! :D

I hope one day you will see my changes.
Be mature. Be tough. Be strong.
Simple life is just what i want now.
I can't control what you think about me
So just go ahead.

以前 初中的时候跟学姐配班 心想 怎么一份考卷可以做那么久 很佩服可以写满满的字、 上了高中 才发现 每一字是多么呕心沥血写出来 去熬了多少夜 背出来的 :)

#haze #sunday


Hope everything goes well.

Time passed so bloody fast.
It's june !
Hope everything goes well :)
5 more months to go !
F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G ! :D

Okay i'm here to blog about my holiday life :P
Study play that's my life? lol
Oh ya went to jiaqi's place yesterday.
We "study" so hard :P haha
They teach me account and we do maths together.
Order domino as lunch and chilling @chatone to visit someone's bf xD

Cappuccino w/ grass jelly.
And the caffeine make me can't sleep whole night :(
Slept at 3 last night. ohno :x
Kinda tired :(


Spent my day with them.


Back from sunway hehe
Now only realize today is public holiday :P 
hahah xD
Happy day (Y)

Love the feeling after jogging :3 Relaxxx.


Happy mother's day ! 
I'll love you till the end of world.
Nothing can replace my love to you :3
Thanks for taking care me for 17 years.
Thank you for look after me thank you for by my side everyday.
You're the one who treat me with true heart.
I knew it.
I'm still a kid,and i don't wanna grow up.
Love you mom ! 


Be happy and look towards.

Yesterday,Went mid valley after school for a "job" hahah
Earn RM50 :P so happy xD
And then went KFC for dinner. Great day (Y)

Kuen cheng carnival today !
Walk around w/ them
and then,
Shouting there for 4 hours. so tired.
Damn weather was  so freaking hot :/
I din't get in the ghost house :(
So sad D:
Yeah the pendrive was so cute. Thankyouuu :3
Hehee xD

Happy day (Y)

Mother day tomorrow and gonna celebrate it ! haha
I give mummy a fake rose that i get it from my society after fu wu.
Heheheh xD :P


Never lose hope


Okay,as everyone known yesterday was m'sia big day.
But so sad they cheated and dirty election.
They played magic so well ! 
I'm just too sad and disapointed for the result.
But never lose hope :)
Wait for another 5 years ! :D

School tomorrow as usual and it was just like a dream.
Off to rush my homework :p

Short updated. Stay tuned :)


When you’re about to quit, remember why you started

Oh yeah today was parents day :)
I din't get scold from mummy & daddy :3 teheee
Love you both so much 
I knew you all heartache about me.
Tuition tuition tuition.
No one force me to tuition i choose that way :)
Average 63.03 11th place in class.
Not Satisfaction with it.
haih i know i'm not smart enough. Sorrryyyy.
I'll try my best.
I really just need a rest. Please.

I love this :P #cotton #candy #midvalley

大家都说我变了很多 真的 
好想让你知道 只是不可能了
我变了只是还不够坚强 :)

Singleeee life :3 #106

I'll learn to be happy (Y) Tehee.


I forgive but trusting again, never.

Oh yeah,overnight @bernice's house last night after tuition ;X
Tired tired.
And then they call me kacao me lol -.-
Don let me sleeeep ! :(

Had dinner with her and her mom after sports day.
Okay skip that.

Talking about my busy life?
Tuition tuition tuition.
I just wanna to hang out :(
But my day was full of tuition.
I just wish to have a rest.
Please :')

Finally sick. 

If you like her or what just go ahead,
I din't said anything.
I know you fucking love her but please don't tell any things that happen between or before us :)
Yayaya,she better than me.

如果有一天 我对你的事物 真地可以无所谓 那我真的放下了.:)
我不恨你 也不恨你
连恨你的感觉都不有 才是彻底的放下 死心
你不知道发生什么 也不需要知道


Learned to accept the fact.

Current fb profile picture. :3

Honestly,i'm getting more happy already.
Thanks my fellow friend for accompany these month :3
And i learn to take everything easy.
Especially the people that always make me laugh
Although i knew that we're IMPOSSIBLE.
because i don't want to lost a friend and classmate like you :3

Hmm,how's result? Result sucks :x
Still can't reach my target.
Never give up,and i won't :D

Busy life start.
7 more month to gooo.

I hope i can be happy everyday teheeee xD
#cacat face ;p

我想我應該 應該不會愛你 為了要努力 努力的不愛你

所以我讓自己那麼喜歡你 這樣你就不忍心和我分離

於是我要自己假裝討厭你  那麼你就捨不得離我而去 #nowplaying


Past is past.

Hey dudes,here i come to update about the party day.
It's really fun and a nice day with them.
14 of us. 
People,luckily i've u all :3

Fetch the three idiots early in the morning.
And then meet them up at NSK.
Bought the ingrediants that we need.
Back to jiaqi's house
Clear things up and we go to the swimming pool.
Awww :3
I said i cant swim but they still "throw" me into the pool
I was like " DENG WTF :( "

Steamboat as dinner :3 Yumyum 
Most of them drunk at the night :P
Not me not me xD
Carlsbeg :3

That's all about the day. Heh xD

And after the day,i'm sick D:
How's today?
Happy day (Y)
And hair cut just now.
I'm really not in a mood nawww :'(
Byee my long hair TT

Finish this! :D Niceee ^^

你會捨不得 曾經的美好
而不會像從前的愛我 #np

你知道的 我不喜欢解释。 
我 尊重你的选择 你也知道我可以做到的.
谢谢你 对不起