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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


My Melody

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Dont lose your hope.

Photo of the day :)
Just back from mid valley,10 pm :P
I like walk around at night :D
Btw,watched LIFE OF PI alone :')
It's awesome ! The tiger was really cute lah :PP
Sister and xiao en watched breaking dawn.
After that,met them up.
Mummy joining us for dinner.
Had taiwan food as dinner today :3 Yumyum
Window shopping after dinner :3
That's all about today (:
Back to hometown tomorrow !
Byeee unhappy places,unhappy memories :D
Emoshit here.You can just leave if u feeling like disgusting :)
First day.
I think you'remore happier,more freedom from now on ;')
Will you think about me? Even thought just a second?
I don't know.
I try my best to control myself. I told myself never text you.
It's exhausting. I'm tired. Fed up.
I wish everyting will be okay.
我在赌一场,赌我们的回忆 赌你会不会为我留下
赌 你会不会想我 还爱不爱我。
我什么都没有了 还怕什么呢
我还是那么傻 那么一如往常地爱你 (:
一个星期后 答案会是我要的吗。
就知道你不会看 所以才会写 :')