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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


My Melody

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Do you ever feel there's not a person in the world who loves you ?

Just came back from stutio,so tired :/

Oh yeah,today is THE FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER !
It's a special day for me (:
1.12.11. ♥
I still remember it. hehe xD
Say HI to december :D Bye to november.
I wish december will be a happy month for me :D

Just left my phone inside the locker and enjoy my holiday
I like to listen song and try to understand the point of the song.
Yeah,it will make me feel happy x)

Tomorrow- ICE SKATING @ Sunway priamid
Who wanna to join just come babe,welcome :D
Tomorrow must be a happy,crazy birthday party. Yeah x)

不要胡思乱想 是一种考验

I think i can live without you.