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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


My Melody

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Friendship is love without wings.

Aiksss,My hand still very pain.
Auchhhh~ Today when i carry my books pain like hell! Ish.T.T
Today keep study my history class test. So hard...
Today two recess also stay at class,so good girl,right?x)
hahaha~ Eeee,ally,suki hong where is my shandy?-.-
My shandy party leh? xDD

Booking my amelia loupooo tomorrow morning♥
I need her shoulder soooo much,aiks.
Not really happy today. I hate to be a quiet girl!

Valentine's day still left 3 days.
Suki cheong:Remember my cookies yarr~ I want heart shape one ♥
And...the biggest one:D

Hmm,sooo long time din't chat with yik mun dar,suki dar,ally dar,stephanie dar.

Sorry that today din't join u all. Cause i need to study my class test....T.T

Todayyyyy,is my LOVELY SISTER---- Vanessa chong birthday!
May all your wishes come true,and have a true LOVE. I will always by yr side.

Be happy always!

"On our first page of our story,the future seems so bright."