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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


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I'm really tired,and just stooped.

Hey=) Raining now...what a cold day.@.@ Enjoy my holiday so much.And...i will not think about those suck things anymore!Duhh! I'm still sick,later gonna to see doctor again.The 4th time. 2 month already,still cough! Aiksss,please faster recover.I want to eat chocolate,ice-cream,sweet,and coke,100plus! Miss soooo much.x) No outing for whole holiday,just want to take a rest.^^ yayaya,do some homework,enjoy some movie,that's enough.And i will not feel bored. Enjot it x) I'm so happy that's she still remember me,this best frenz i saw my name!!! Yipee. btw,happy chinese new year everyone! LOVE ya.

14-02-11 is a special day,gonna celebrate it with my best fren! Cause i don't have any lover.haha,but single also can very happy! Muakks. Can't wait for it....

Ally and ellis:I will not care about it anymore.

thank you sooo much!

Bo bian loh,someone like DDLY.xD


Happy holidayy~