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Welcome to my blog :DMy name is Elize. I'm am 16 and my birthday is 1115. Hehe it such a lucky number for me. Stay tuned there! :D 


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Happy new year! ♥

Wohoo,First day of 2011!!!
Happy new year everyone^^
A new life.
I will change my attitude and my temperament.
i will be a new Elize.xD

Hmm,Monday gonna back to school, Mss u all so much!babe
I will try to like my new class,new classmate too.
Prepare my school bags,uniform,shoes...
LOVE is not important for my anymore.
I'm single but my heart is taken.
Maybe this is the way i can do it for him?
I will not couple in this year~
I'm really tired about it.
A sad case,she break up with him.
Sam tong.
Dar,Don cry anymore...i will be there for u!
Hope 2011 year will be a Good year for me.
2011 year will be a busy year..
Must study hard and pay attention.Jia you!
my target! Score A in PMR and JUEC!
Good luck.
Forget those unhappy momories and be happy.

Cheer:) You can do it!